Versu is a project using AI-driven characters to produce dynamic interactive fiction about social situations. It builds on an AI engine created by Richard Evans, combined with conversation engine work based on some of my earlier IF experiments.

The first Versu-based release is Blood & Laurels, a political thriller set in ancient Rome: you play Marcus, a poet who works for a veteran general. Early in the interaction you get dragged unwillingly into involvement with a plot not of your making, and what happens next is up to you.


You can find out much more about Versu and upcoming titles at

19 thoughts on “Versu

  1. From what I can tell, Versu is an IF creation platform. Will you ever release/sell the tool chain for others to make IF with it?

  2. Are any new Versu projects being developed? I just stumbled upon the 3 interactive stories on the Apple App Store.

  3. If I understand well Blood & Laurels is only available for the iPad? This is in sharp contrast with IF games, that are usually cross-platform.
    Could at least an iPhone port be possible? Does the game use extensive 3D graphics or requires clicking on tiny buttons?

    • It is a contrast, yes. This is a legacy of the time that the project was at Linden Lab. Extending to other platforms would take additional funds, and we’re not currently in a position to make that investment.

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  7. How can I buy this? It’s no longer available in the store. I’ve been reduced to throwing money at my screen and screaming. Please help.

    • We withdrew it from the store because recent iOS upgrades broke compatibility with the client, and we are not able (for a combination of resource and legal reasons) to update it. It is no longer really playable — sorry!

      • How lamentable. I’ll drown my disappointment in a mixture of distractions. I’ll be sure to check your other projects.

  8. Hi, i think its dead but i still have the old versu app (1.3) is there a way to restore the stories purchased throug it ? i’m sad to see what happened with linden lab, this project is still very promising, i hope you will found a way to bring it bag to the public

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