To reach me without commenting here, email me at Please use a meaningful subject line: I delete spam aggressively. I do try to answer email in a timely fashion, so if you get no response after a week or more, feel free to ping to make sure the message got through.


I do take on freelance and consulting projects. My work includes content writing and world design, building interactive narrative tools and dialogue engines, coding assistance in specialist IF languages, and custom game design.


From time to time I give talks or workshops, or attend other people’s. Here are places you can expect to find me:

I organize the Oxford/London Interactive Fiction Meetup. There are a number of events scheduled through June 2016.

I will be talking at TORCH Book at Lunchtime in Oxford, March 2.

Sometime TBD between 11-15 March of 2016, I will be on a panel at SXSW Interactive. I will then be at GDC for the rest of that week, and will be speaking there as well.

If you’d like to have me bring a workshop to your institution, here are descriptions of what I’ve done in the past. Modifying or combining workshops or coming up with new content is always a possibility as well.

Hobbyist Advice

If you have a coding question about Inform 7 or other technical aspects of interactive fiction, I strongly encourage you to post that question to a public forum such as the intfiction forum rather than emailing it directly to me. You’ll probably get a faster answer, and definitely get a chance to make contact with a very cool user community.


I tweet occasionally, including updates when I post new blog content, information about IF news and conferences, etc. It is not primarily a personal chat account. You’re welcome to follow if you like.


Occasionally someone contacts me to ask about contributing in support of my freeware and free writing. This is not at all required, and I do not currently solicit donations for myself. However, if you’re┬ámoved to contribute something, these are all worthy purposes:

  • DonorsChoose provides classroom materials to high-poverty schools in the United States. I maintain a page of projects I’m interested in, especially (but not exclusively) focusing on literacy and STEM-related subjects, and teachers who have not received previous support.
  • GiveWell lists several high-effectiveness charities, primarily concerned with health and poverty alleviation in developing countries. In terms of short-term reduction of suffering, these may make the biggest difference per dollar.
  • There are a number of IF writers, game developers, and indie games journalists who need support to keep creating. My Patreon page lists some.