Complicity: Building Interactive Narratives

London, August 24: Alexis Kennedy (of Echo Bazaar and Varytale; Failbetter Games) and I are running a day-long seminar on writing interactive stories.

We’ll be looking at concepts like complicity, exploration, and exposition in an interactive context; structures for choice-based narrative; types of choices and varieties of player roles; types of feedback for the player; ways of pacing interactive narrative.

These are all things that we’ve written or talked about before, separately and together, but this will present them in a more unified format and with space for back-and-forth discussion. The seminar will not be geared explicitly to either IF or EBZ-style games, so if your interests lie more with choices and interactivity in some other presentation format, you’re very welcome.

The Failbetter blog is one of the best places on the web to read about narrative structures in interactive contexts, and I’m very excited to be presenting with Alexis.

Event details, including a longer description of the content, can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Complicity: Building Interactive Narratives

  1. Will there be a recording of this event? I can’t make it to London, but I’d be willing to pay for a video recording. (I posted this question on the Failbetter blog, but it seems to be buried in moderation.)

    • I don’t think there are plans for video recording, but I have passed your question on to Alexis, since he is the one who is making the actual site arrangements, and will be able to answer more definitely.

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