To reach me without commenting here, email me at or (especially if you’re sending large files) Please use a meaningful subject line: I delete spam aggressively. I do try to answer email in a timely fashion, so if you get no response after a week or more, feel free to ping to make sure the message got through.

I do take on freelance and consulting projects. My work includes content writing and world design, building interactive narrative tools and dialogue engines, coding assistance in specialist IF languages, and custom game design.

If you have a coding question about Inform 7 or other technical aspects of interactive fiction, I strongly encourage you to post that question to a public forum such as the intfiction forum rather than emailing it directly to me. You’ll probably get a faster answer, and definitely get a chance to make contact with a very cool user community.

I tweet occasionally, including updates when I post new blog content, information about IF news and conferences, etc. It is not primarily a personal chat account. You’re welcome to follow if you like.