Making of Counterfeit Monkey: Puzzles and Toys

This is the first of a couple of making-of posts about Counterfeit Monkey, in case people are interested: these are a bit like some of the making-of material I’ve published about Bronze and other games, but I’m splitting it up between story discussion and puzzle discussion.

We’ll start with puzzles. This is going to be spoilery, so if you’re still planning to play, I recommend finishing the game first.

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IF Comp 2011: PataNoir by Simon Christiansen

PataNoir is a detective noir-themed wordplay game in which the player is able to manipulate the objects that appear in similes (so “His teeth are like a row of tombstones” would make “tombstones” an interactive object). It’s probably most appealing to players who enjoyed Puddles on the Path or Earl Grey.

More detail follows the jump, though no specific spoilers.

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