IF Comp 2014: Fifteen Minutes (Ade McT)


Fifteen Minutes is a parser-based puzzle game with light narrative elements; while I wouldn’t say it’s super hard, it takes some focus and is not for the puzzlephobic. You’re likely not to win on the first try, though I also wouldn’t quite put it in the replay-to-win category, because once you’ve started making real progress, you probably won’t need to restart again.

I played it all the way through.

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Making of Counterfeit Monkey: Puzzles and Toys

This is the first of a couple of making-of posts about Counterfeit Monkey, in case people are interested: these are a bit like some of the making-of material I’ve published about Bronze and other games, but I’m splitting it up between story discussion and puzzle discussion.

We’ll start with puzzles. This is going to be spoilery, so if you’re still planning to play, I recommend finishing the game first.

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